At V­3, we are committed to providing healthcare organizations with the tools, services, and advice needed to be leaders in the industry. Our innovative programs, cutting edge solutions, and market strategies help organizations achieve practical results.

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Services + Solutions

Innovation Technology

Connect with an innovative software platform that easily identifies alternate revenue streams within your institutional pharmacy.

Healthcare consulting

Strategic healthcare consulting geared towards improving quality, patient satisfaction, and safety.

Marketing & Branding

Build a trusted healthcare brand and boost patient engagement with a marketing strategy that truly resonates with your target audience.

data security solutions

Protect the transfer of PHI, stored medical records and in-house communications with quantum-safe polymorphic encryption technology.

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About Us

About Us




3 Enterprises is a Healthcare Consulting firm headquartered in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. We are an integrated consulting team with extensive experience in hospital administration, innovation software, law, business intelligence, sales, and marketing. Together, we bring an array of sophisticated ideas and opportunities geared towards making a difference in healthcare.

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